Projects I’ve worked on


My First assignment as a freelancer! InTraffic develops and maintains applications for railroad management. One of those applications retrieves the current status of the Dutch railroad network. The data that is obtained is translated and made available for other applications. This specific application is running on a OpenVMS environment, written in C++ and based on pascal libraries. During this project I helped with removing the pascal references and integrating the application with the new C++ libraries.


Being part of a Software Scrum team, I was responsible for developing and maintaining the Philips Lumea IPL firmware and the associated tooling. Translating the requirements of stakeholders and clients, to a trustworthy software solution was one of the main tasks. By making use of Test Driven Development combined with continuous integration I was able to deliver structured, stable and reliable software solutions.

Flanders Make

At Flanders Make I was part of the iCOMPOSE project.
My task was to develop a Bluetooth CAN dongle and a native Android application. The CAN dongle is based on a Raspberry-Pi and connected to the CAN network of the car. All relevant CAN messages are sent over Bluetooth to an Android application. The Android application shows the received information to the driver, providing the required data to the driver in order to drive in an efficient way.


During the development and assembly of an ASML Lithography machine, CPD (Calibration Performance and Diagnostic) tools are used. Together with a team I developed and maintained a number of CPD’s.
Initially, the CPDs were developed for a SUN machine. Later, the CPDs were developed for a Linux based system. The Calibration Performance and Diagnostic tooling are written in Python, using the ASML machine framework to request configuration items and to obtain access the hardware drivers.


The lights in the office of TASS can be controlled through a Home Automation system. The existing Android application for controlling the lights, notifying you when the doorbell rings and allowing you to see who’s on the doorstep through a video stream, needed a face lift. The challenges that I and a classmate faced was to create an Android tablet application to better visualize existing functionality.

Mobile Pioneers

At Mobile Pioneers, I worked as an Android developer for various applications including a keyboard app, a DrawSomething help app, and a Speed Camera detection application. Together with other Software Developers and Graphic Designers, we strived to develop solid and beautiful applications.