What I do

Analyze Software Environment

Getting to know the current software environment of the customer is an important ingredient for developing a good software solution. Due to the fact that I’m eager to learn and I have good communication skills I get acquainted with a new environment quickly. As a result, I can contribute to new solutions in a new environment at an early stage.

Creative Thinking

Designing solutions requires creative thinking. I work best in an environment where opinions are valued and where the best fitting solution counts. I’m a contributing team member when it comes to discussing ideas and solutions, with the main goal: creating the best solution as a team.

Developing Solutions

Implementing a chosen software solution, or maybe a development team in need of more programming power? I can help! With my software knowledge of embedded systems, application software, and mobile application development I’m widely employable. If there are challenges in a technology area that I do not know yet, I familiarize myself with that technology to deliver the best solutions.

How I work

Quality Mindset

Delivering long term reliable solutions is in everybody’s interest. It might take more effort in the beginning, but it will certainly pay back in the long run.

Transparent Communication

Good communication is essential for understanding the client’s needs, working in a team and being predictable when it comes to deliveries.

Flexible Approach

Working in a team on location or at multiple locations, at varying times: it can all be discussed to meet the client’s needs.

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About me

My Name is Harmen, 25 years old, married and living in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
In 2013 I started my career as an Embedded Software Engineer working for a consultancy company.
In July 2017 I decided to start my own consultant business: Moll Software Consultant.

I’m an enthusiastic team player, eager to learn on both technical as personal area. Working in an environment where embedded software is the main focus is what I like most. With a quality mindset, I achieve the best results. My good communication skills contribute in discussing requirements or brainstorming new ideas, which in its turn will help to achieve the main goal: creating the best solution for the client and for the development team.

Projects I’ve worked on


My First assignment as a freelancer! InTraffic develops and maintains applications for railroad management. One of those applications retrieves the current status of the Dutch railroad network. The data that is obtained is translated and made available for other applications. This specific application is running on a OpenVMS environment, written in C++ and based on […]


Being part of a Software Scrum team, I was responsible for developing and maintaining the Philips Lumea IPL firmware and the associated tooling. Translating the requirements of stakeholders and clients, to a trustworthy software solution was one of the main tasks. By making use of Test Driven Development combined with continuous integration I was able to deliver structured, stable and reliable software solutions.

Flanders Make

At Flanders Make I was part of the iCOMPOSE project.
My task was to develop a Bluetooth CAN dongle and a native Android application. The CAN dongle is based on a Raspberry-Pi and connected to the CAN network of the car. All relevant CAN messages are sent over Bluetooth to an Android application. The Android application shows the received information to the driver, providing the required data to the driver in order to drive in an efficient way.

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